Embedded System

Impact TechnoLabz provides excellence in embedded design and services using futuristic technologies in Networking, Wireless, Data-acquisition, Bio-informatics and Bio-medical. Our innovative design process and use of first time right methodologies gets your products much faster into the hands. Due to our strong technology focus and culture of rooted R&D, we are capable of accomplishing projects that other company will agonize to execute. From initial electronics architecture to new product manufacturing, we develop and assemble all the boards, firmware and software to make those products run. The company entrust deeply on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to equip a wide spectrum of reliable Hardware & Software solutions.

Our customers trust us to economically and promptly deliver for their mission-critical projects. We are devoted to our client's technical and business success.

Impact Techno Labz has strong experience in embedded hardware development and provides the services include:

  • System Architecture Design
  • Schematic Design & Verification
  • PCB Layout Design
  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly

Impact TechnoLabz is a technology aspired company having pervasive experience in the development of real time systems. Our mission critical software experts use different environments e.g. ┬ÁCos. Our elite embedded technology labs are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and communication network environments for developments on multiple embedded processors/controllers from prominent architecture includes ARM,MSP430,PIC, AVR and 8051.

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